Detailing ‘PRO-Complete’

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  • Thorough hand wash of the bodywork
    • With extra attention for wheels and wheel arches, top of engine compartment, closing sides of doors and door handles
    • Cleaning windows inside & out
    • Polishing chrome
  • Deep cleaning of the interior
    • Thorough vacuuming & dusting of seats, carpets, storage spaces, centre console, dashboard, boot, etc.
    • Dusting & cleaning plastics
    • Shampoo cleaning & deodorizing of headlining, seats, boot, door panels, loose and fixed carpets
    • Removing stains in textile & plastics
    • Leather is first cleaned with a suitable shampoo and then treated with a soft cream
    • Additional mechanical deodorization 2-3h
  • Polishing – High gloss
    • Polishing the finish to a smooth gloss & deep colour
    • Target = removing 70-80% of scratches
    • Finishing with spray wax (effective for several weeks)
  • Polishing – Finish correction (removing 90-100% of scratches)
    • Step 1 = Polishing to remove small irregularities (resin, tar, etc.)
    • Step 2 = Harder polishing to eliminate deeper scratches
      • + Repeat until desired result achieved
    • Steps 3 & 4 = Remove holograms & polishing circles and finish to a smooth, high gloss
      • + Repeat until desired result achieved
      • No more polishing wax or rubbing circles
    • Step 5 = Finishing with spray wax (effective for several weeks)
      • Wax upgrade as option


  • Price of “Complete” with Polishing – High gloss: from EUR 455.00 + VAT
  • Price of “Complete” with Polishing – Finish correction: from EUR 610.00 + VAT
  • Duration of “Complete” with high gloss: from +/- 9h (without options)
  • Loan of replacement car included for the duration of treatment


  • Use of MINI replacement car: EUR 30.00/day (excl. fuel)
  • Airco Clean = EUR 42.00 (combi price; standard price = EUR 72.00)
  • Machine ozone deodorisation 3h-12h or more; for stubborn odours = EUR 51.00
  • Removal of animal hair: EUR 48.00/hour
  • Cleaning extremely soiled interior = EUR 48.00/hour
  • Wax – upgrade
    • Extra layer of wax: applied mechanically; effective longer, 6 months – 1 year; from EUR 95.00/layer of wax
    • Teflon hard wax (*): applied mechanically; even deeper gloss and extremely soft, easy-maintenance finish; effective 1 year and longer with proper maintenance; from EUR 285.00
      (*) Incl. certificate + Customer Care Pack = set of after care products: car shampoo, Z conserver, sponge, microfiber cloth, Vinalon chamois leather, microfiber washing glove
  • Removal of deep scratches
    • Finish correction by sanding/polishing: removing scratches & paint imperfections by sanding the finish
  • Other: pick-up & drop-off service, deep cleaning of interior, Airco Clean, etc.

After this ‘COMPLETE’ treatment, the interior as well as the bodywork of your car will again be in absolute showroom condition.

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