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Who likes to ‘inherit’ a dirty, musty company car from a colleague or predecessor?

Nobody, of course!

What if you ‘inherit’ a dirty, odoriferous car from a predecessor or ex-colleague? This is not a motivating reward.

Are you looking for a capable partner for thorough interior cleaning of your company car, for regular thorough cleanings of your fleet, for detailing end-of-contract cars, etc.?

Maybe you are considering outsourcing a portion of your fleet care?

Or perhaps you are just looking for a reliable car detailer that delivers the quality that meets your expectations when it comes to cleaning and caring for your car?

Then contact WAS-CO. Or call Gert Schelfhout directly at +32 473 29 48 79.

Services specifically for fleets

At WAS-CO, as a driver of a company car and as a fleet manager, you can come to us for:

  • Deep cleaning & regular deodorisation of the interior
  • Accidents with various liquids, paint, blood, oil, vomit, mould, etc.
  • Machine deodorisation using ozone & Airco Clean
  • Thorough cleaning inside & out; one time or on a regular basis
  • Polishing & waxing the bodywork; removing scratches & minor damage
  • Spot repair, dent removal & rim repair
  • Replacement car or pick-up & drop-off service available
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