WAS-CO, specialists in car detailing

Experts in the thorough cleaning of cars


WAS-CO, specialists in car detailing

We are experts in the thorough cleaning of company cars as well as the cars of individual customers.

We refresh even the dirtiest and stuffiest car interiors and put the shine back on matte, weathered finishes. Each treatment is done with a great feel for detail and precision.

Any way you look at it, a clean and cared-for car pays off: you enjoy it when your favourite car shines, your business image receives extra polish, your personnel are more motivated, the resale value is maintained, and so on.

Satisfied customers, we work on this every day.


WAS-CO employees are well-trained and experienced car detailers. We are all motivated by a strong passion for cars and car care.

Our home base is Mechelen, in the centre of the country. But we work every day in the Antwerp – Brussels – Flemish Brabant – Limburg quadrilateral. To this end we have a fully equipped mobile service.

Actually, we can work anywhere, according to your needs. We also follow many of our customers to events, trade fairs or shows outside of Belgium.

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